Information for Research Participants in the research study The Question of the Audience

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Participation in this study is voluntary. You can discontinue your participation in the study at any time. Should you discontinue your participation, you will not be subject to any negative consequences, but information gathered from you up until the point of cessation of your participation may be used in the study.

1. The subject of the research study

This research arrangement is a part of the studies leading to a degree of Doctor of Arts, taking place at Uniarts Helsinki, and realized as artistic research. This research project aims to study what is, who is, why to be and how to be an audience.

2. Writing

The material is collected through attending events and related writing.

3. How and on what basis your personal data is processed in the study

This research uses as its material the thinking produced by different audience members. The collected material may be used in publications related to or contained in the research. The writer of each text may be disclosed, except in the situation where the writer chooses to stay anonymous and expresses it through not disclosing their name.

The text materials are stored in locked spaces and protected by passwords, to which only the reseacher and his supervisors have an access to.

The material in digital format is processed and stored on an external hard drive. The material i stored a maximum of five years after the finishing of the research, after which it is destroyed. The quotations will however remain as part of the research.

The justification for the processing your personal data is your consent (expressed through signing your text). In this research Uniarts Helsinki and the reseacher function as joint registrars.

4. Transfer of your data to non-EU/ETA countries

Your data is not transferred to non-EU/ETA-countries.

5. Measures taken to protect your data

The following measures are taken in this research study to protect your rights:

– The research study has a research plan

– The person responsible for the research study is Tuomas Laitinen

– Personal data is only processed and transferred for the purposes of mentioned in this privacy statement, and information is handled in a manner so as not to reveal information about a specific person to external parties.

6. The rights of the study participant in the study

Your rights are

– Your data is not used in automatized decision-making or profiling

– The right to access your data

– The right to move your personal data to another registrar

– The right to ask for the removal of your data

– The right to contact the data protection officer of Uniarts Helsinki, if you have demands on the processing of your personal data:

Antti Orava: PL 1, 00097 TAIDEYLIOPISTO, Email:, Phone: +358 294 47 3568

– If you suspect that your personal data has been used against data protection legislation, you have the right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority, data protection supervisor (read more:

If you have any questions, contact the reseacher:
Tuomas Laitinen
Phone: 050 4672647

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