Performing artists often use and create different methods for their own work. If artistic practice is extended to the reach of the audience, performance itself can contain and offer a method or even a methodology.



12 etudes on everlasting life (2010) was a series of twelve performances that searched for twelve ways to practice an eternal life. Every month during 2010 I worked for 3 uninterrupted days (and nights) with another artist. In the jargon of music, an etude stands for a composition that is both a technical excersise and an art piece. Each time a new etude was be performed, and a way to practice not dying was created and written down. The etudes suggest approaches to life that extend beyond death, and a collection of ways to practice the impossible, or at least the unknown and abundantly hopeful. I collected the practices into a publication, Manual of Everlasting Life (2011, the english version 2013).



Children as authorities (2012-) is a study on the use of power by children. What kind of a reality would children create, if it was in their power? Starting form this question and from the medium of performance, we created an artistic-pedagogical methodology for educational purposes. Educationally, we aim to liberate people from oppression; to enable adults to work with children within the question of power; to create structures for continual reflection and recreation of power structures of the society; to educate generations that have the ability to read and evaluate the use of power. Artistically we are interested in the paradoxes of power and the often-taken-for-granted position of children in our world.

The methodology was created through a series of performative workshops held in kindergartens and schools. Different versions of the workshop have been held to groups of different age and nature: in kindergartens, lower and upper elementary schools, high schools and for special groups of disabled or dyslexic children. We have also held workshops for teachers and published the methodology as a book, Children as Authorities – Teacher’s Guide (2014).


Etude photos: Jan Ahlstedt, Heikki Palomaa, Tuomas Laitinen

Children as Authorities photos: Tuomas Laitinen