Our world exists in our consciousness. Performance renders that consciousness creative through the polarity of théatron and skênê, spectatorship and action.

Our room is divided into stage and auditorium. Our human nature is divided into body and mind. Our world is divided into sacred and profane. Our gender is divided into male and female. Our perception is divided into inside and outside. Our encounter is divided into you and I.

In performances, polarities are realized in the now. The present moment is their credo and ever-repeating refrain. I explore, through redefining the polarities of performance, the divine game where the performing body plays the part of our death-bound existence and the spectating mind the part of the ultimate witness.

The power of performance grows from the drive to overcome the binary tension, to create one shared space in the present. Great human grace lies in these spiritual endeavors. Polar metaphors are generators of the creative impulse; redefinition is an orientation towards multiple understandings sprouting from the contingency of the now.

My body of work and its presentation here aim to reach across the gap of the immidiate experience of the moment and the distanced nature of theory. The following orientations suggest a system of corporeal thinking through the artistic and polarized medium of performance. They are stages on which consciousness performs.