Plato’s Cave in Copenhagen

In February 2016 we will sail to Copenhagen and transform the Dome of Visions into Plato’s Cave, which is a six-day mystery play for nine protagonists, three gods and a choir. The gods – Aphrodite, Apollon and Dionysos – control the space and guide the protagonists towards mysteries of love. The nine protagonists are members of the audience committed to the whole process. The choir – rest of the audience – can enter the cave to follow the journey of the protagonists at any point during the first five days. On the sixth day the protagonists step into the pantheon of gods in a ritualistic party.

The journey of the protagonists consists of four acts, three of which are personal encounters with the gods. In the first act Aphrodite will guide the protagonists to make a choice. In the second act they will create a gateway with Dionysos. In the third act they will practice becoming real with Apollon. In the fourth act the temporary community of the protagonists gathers to liberate their true selves and celebrate the victory of love.

Dome of Visions is a temporary cultural space and a project following through on new ideas in construction and urban thinking and planing. The dome is intended specially to inspire and to challenge regarding the solutions for the climate challenges to come.
Photo: Jonathan Kronborg Grevsen / Dome of Visions