AesthEthics was a performance demonstration that discussed the relations between the performer and the viewer and the role of ethics in performance. It took place at the Theatre Academy, Helsinki.

The first part of the space was set up as a cafe of a bordello. The performers moved among the audience like waiters. The spectors had Body menus, from which they could choose different bodily encounters that the performers would serve them.

When a spectator chose a dish, they would negotiate it in more detail with the performer, who then would guide her behind the curtain enclosing the rest of the space. There they would settle into a light and execute the encounter. Then the performer would guide the spectator back to the cafe.

The emphasis lied in the inner experience of the viewer; the feelings, states, thoughts and worlds that open up within him or her in the performative context and beyond.


DIRECTION: Julius Elo & Tuomas Laitinen

CREATORS & PERFORMERS: Julius Elo, Saara Hannula, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Tuomas Laitinen, Maija Mustonen, Linda Priha & Anni Rissanen