Blind Spot was part of my work searching for ways adults and children can create together. It was a collaboration of myself and my son Ilari.

Scooterers approach the city as an ecosystem of emergent spots. These sites serve to house the flow of movement of the ones scootering, as they inhabit the spot temporarily through their instrument, with tricks, jumps and landings. The spot is the way they take the city, hijack it to serve corporeal creativity. It is through this kind of habitation that the urban in-between spaces become landing sites for the displaced humans.

Blind Spot was performed at ANTI festival, in Kuopio, Finland on the 28th of September 2014. ANTI Festival invited three artists to collaborate with a child, creating three unique duets.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Pekka Mäkinen



T: what if the performance would have nothing?

I: anyway you have to breathe – or hold your breath – and stand or sit or lay down – you have to be in a position – and if you lay, you move – you can’t be still – ‘nothing’ is impossible

T: can we try it anyway?

I: it won’t work even when you are dead – even then there is something

T: if your eyes are closed, you see nothing

I: no, you see black

T: what if you had no eyes?

I: it would be the same black, I think

T: what if you are deaf, do you hear anything?

I: I don’t think so

T: so there is no black in sound?

I: I don’t know of anything at least

T: what about silence?

I: even then there is some small sound, even if you can’t hear them, sounds are there

T: so there is something, even when you notice nothing

I: yes.