As Reality Research Center turned ten years in 2011, we organized four different galas throughout the year. I directed together with Julius Elo the Body Gala, the aim of which was to celebrate the body, especially the bodies present in the celebration.

We organized a vote for the best bodies in different categories, for example the art body, the sexual body, the political body and the national body of the year. An expert jury decided the winners in the gala, taking into account the votes given in the net poll.

The gala also contained several performances: Jussi Paradise & co with hook suspensions, Tinttu Henttonen & co with rope suspensions, Pilvi Porkola transforming audience members into alive christmas trees and birthday cakes and several somatic performers offering different bodily encounters to the public from a Body Menu. In the last part of the gala everybody present stripped naked.

The Body Gala was arranged at Lavaklubi, the club of the Finnish National Theatre on the 9th of December 2011. It was a part of the RRC Reloaded year, in which Reality Research Center produced new versions of the classic pieces of the company.