Do-nothing is a character that offers pure, uncompromised presence. Do-nothing is available to do nothing to a private person, a community, a place or a happening. Do-Nothing is not communicative and does not interfere; he simply is there.

The Finnish name for Do-Nothing is Tyhjäntoimittaja, which literally means ”the one who delivers the empty”, but is used as a term for lazy people who just hang around and do nothing useful. Do-Nothing reaches for human co-existence in a way that seems impossible to us – as a presence that has no judgement, no evaluation or reactiveness, just pure acceptance and attention. It is also a total negation of performance; Do-nothing performes nothing, better yet, he is not even there, and still his presence fills the room.

Do-Nothing was developed as a part of Utopian Reality, which was Reality Research Center’s research project of 2012-13. Utopian Reality strove to create utopian practices and forms that could enter the society and the everyday life of it’s participants.


CREATORS AND DO-NOTHINGS: Tuomas Laitinen, Risto Santavuori, Juha Sääski