Time to Audience was a reading performance composed of two acts, with opposing ways to compose a collective audience body. The first act happened for the whole audience at the same time, but in multiple locations. The second act happened for the whole audience in the same location, but at multiple moments in time.


November 13, 2021 / multiple locations / Moving in November festival, Helsinki

The work was composed of 40 rolls of paper, available from the three venues of Moving in November Festival an hour before the scheduled event. The audience was then free to conduct the reading anywhere they chose. What was asked from them was to do it at the same moment in time, at 7pm that day.


Also the second act was composed of 40 rolls of paper, availabel to the audience to read and part of an installation composed of two acryllic cubes on pedestals. One roll was added to the smaller cube every morning during the 40 days the exhibition was open. As the audience member read the roll, in was unwound. The instruction for the use of the work asked the audience to place the unwound papers to the larger cube, through which the work changed its form gradually throughout the exhibition period. The audience was, contrary to the first act, located in the same place, but distributed in time accross two months.

December 2, 2021 – January 30, 2022 / Ebb and flow, Kuva/Tila Gallery, Uniarts Helsinki’ s Fine Arts Academy

Also, the work could be witnessed without taking part in the reading, or through reading fragments of the already unwound rolls