In 2012-2013, RRC realized a two-year long artistic research program titled Utopian Reality. The aim of the program was to change people’s perception of everyday life and provide them with a sense of authorship and agency in relation to their own life as well as the society at large. The research project was directed by me, Saara Hannula and Pekko Koskinen.

In 2012, the program consisted of ten different projects, each of which had its own perspective and take on the topic. The projects were the following: Children as Authorities, Museum of Goodwill, Mysteries of Love, Self Design, Circle, The Other, Utopia Consultation, Do-Nothing, Conversation 2.0 and UrbanUtopia. In addition, we organized discussions and events, visited festivals and conferences, and participated in the three-week Performance Compost in Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum.

Out of these projects, four were continued the following year: Circle, Children as Authorities, Utopia Consultation and Self Design. I was part of the two first of them. Also, Mysteries of Love transformed into a mystery play and esoteric school called Plato’s Symposium, which visited the Conference of Theoretical Theatre in New York.

Children as Authorities developed a pedagogical method and published a guidebook about it for teachers and other people who work with children or teenagers. Plaot’s Symposium continues to be an active school of beauty and Circle is also touring on demand. The trainee of Circle, Isa Hänninen created in collaboration with Taru Kasandra a documentary about the project.


A discussion on utopia in M2HZ – online TV [in Finnish]

Second discussion on utopia in M2HZ – online TV [in Finnish]