November 11-26, 2020 / Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy

Reading of Audience was a 150-page script divided into a prologue, three acts and two intermissions. Each script was slightly individualized according to the specific audience member, as their identity was known to me due to Covid regulations. The work proposed a theory of audience of sorts and was a compilation of my research and thinking process that had taken place during the doctorate so far.

I collaborated with lighting designer Nanni Vapaavuori and scenograph Maiju Loukola. Reading the script togehter in different phases of its development was also our method of collaboration. The reading was realized 19 times during the process out of which 6 times among the three of us, 5 times with an invited audience and 8 times publicly.

I addition to the script, the work contained a lighting and spatial design and a reading tray, built by Vesa Rämä. The text was available both in Finnish and English. The English version was proofread and commented by Robert Kocik.