Helsinki by Night was a sightseeing bus tour into the subconscious of Helsinki. We constructed the performance in a way that reality and the performative material would blend in the consciousness of the spectator. We created a suggestive world inside the bus through hostesses and hosts, soundtrack, the rhythm of the bus etc. The spectators looked at the city outside of the bus as a stage.

Helsinki by Night was performed from February 28th to May 27th 2005

Performances also in /teatteri.nyt -festival at Kiasma – the Museum of Contemporary Art 11th to 15th of May 2005 and at Baltic Circle – international theatre festival on the 19th of November 2005.


DIRECTION: Julius Elo and Eero-Tapio Vuori

GROUP: Julius Elo, Tuomas Laitinen, Pilvi Porkola, Kolina Seppälä, Heidi Syrjäkari, Tuire Tuomisto, Eero-Tapio Vuori

SOUND DESIGN: Tuomas Laitinen and Heidi Syrjäkari


A new version of Helsinki by Night was created in 2006 with a new group. Also, in 2011 two more versions of the performance was created: Helsinki by Skoda and Helsinki by Night Out of Sightseeing. In addition I and the musician Timo Oiva developed an audio piece about Reality Research Center itself called Helsinki by Night Radio.